Shrey S

"I've really enjoyed working with Sean. He has great knowledge of different exercise techniques, meaning no two sessions are the same! I've certainly been pushed hard, but Sean is a great motivator - I've consistently been able to break through mental barriers and reach levels I never thought I could. This, coupled with great nutritional advice, has really helped me towards achieving my goals."

Hayley D

"Sean is a great encouraging teacher and really helps you to achieve your goal. He is very motivating and I always feel great after a class with Sean. I fully recommend him as he really works hard to get you to your goal."

Nighat K 

"That's only I can say about Sean very Motivator ,Educator & instructor very Sericusly . Sean is the best..xxxx"

Simon S

"Sean has the most extentive knowledge on all types of exercise in comparison to other personal trainers I have used previously he truly is the best trainer I have ever had and really cares about what you want to achive. I wanted to lose my belly fat and Seans nutritional advice and taylored excercise program helped my achive this while also improving my over all fitness in the process.
I could not be happier with the results I have got I would highly recommend him as a personal trainer to anyone who wants results nutritional advice as well as someone who will push you to achive the results you want."

Tom W

"Have been attending Sean's classes for a few years now. Brilliant spin instructor."

Clare I  

"I regularly go to Sean's classes and really enjoy them. He gets me working really hard and they are always super motivating - highly recommend"

Mark G

"I have to say Sean is one of the most charasmatic and consistent fitness trainers that I've come across in West London, and trust me, I've been around. 
I first met Sean at my previous gym and attended his spin classes every Saturday. I had an amateur boxing fight coming up so I was trying to trim down and shred fat and 'BOY' did I shredd it!!...... Sean has a way of pushing you to your limits without you realising you're doing it. He makes the sessions fun and engaging plus there's just a nice aura about his style of training. He motivates you, encourages you and theres not an ounce of negativity about him. He always recognises your progress and praises you for your achievements no matter how big or small. This is what a personal trainer or fitness coach should be all about and I highly recomment Seanie if you are looking to improve your fitness and well being. It will be tough, he's no push over, but you'll have some great fun doing it. Trust me. Give him a try he's a special guy."

Liza A

"I've known Sean for a number of years and thanks to his method of training in boxing and Pilates I've gain so much and have a good understanding of the concept. I'm now heading for my third half marathon. Thanks Sean."

Wardi B

"I been doing spin classes with Sean he is a great motivater, encourger he will make you work harder trust me you won't be dissapointed after work out with sean top trainer."

Angel M

"You are (Sean) the best instructor ever I know! Makes you work your ass off, very friendly and motivated person. Thanks for the whole hard work."

Harp K

"I have met Sean whilst he was working in Thailand... He definitely is a trainer to be inspired by."

Natalia C

"I have just started training with Sean and it is great. Variety of training(indoor and outdoor) and good atmosphere. I also did a spin class which was fabulous. Can`t wait for more!"

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Karina C
"Since I joined Sean’s Spin Classes in October 2014 I’ve lost over 25kg - I don’t have to say more, do I? I appreciate his professionalism, dedication and dependability. Also - very polite, caring person you can trust."

Claudia D
"All I can say is that thanks to Sean's classes I've lost 11 kg in less than twelve months. He is the one and only instructor whose work produced effectively results in a person like me, who would rather prefer to stay seated all day long, reading and writing, than doing anything that produces sweat  :-D . He puts energy, rhythm in his work, on one hand, and promotes an excellent interaction between the participants on the other, creating a fabulous environment in the class.

And the best of all, Sean can make the workout become something really fun. And that makes him worth his weight in gold."

Mark S
"I have experienced many spin class instructors and I believe Sean’s classes are the most intensive—he encourages effort from experienced participants and nurtures beginners. If you have tried spinning with others… try Sean’s classes and see how much more effort into your training.

More recently, Sean has developed my personal training programme. He combines enthusiasm with science to help me meet my fitness goals."

Lisa S
"Sean has the most extentive knowledge on all types of exercise. From yoga, Pilates, PT, Thai chi & boxing he truly is the best trainer I have ever known. He also is an amazing man with great life coach skills and nutritional advice. He's helped me no end with corrective postural work, all round general weight loss and increased fitness, health and happiness."

Koy N
"I have known Khun. Sean for many years, he is the best trainer on Koh Samui"

Mariona S
"Sean's passion and commitment to his job is outstanding. A truly motivational teacher with great knowledge that will help you achieve your goals as if they were his own. I highly recommend him!"

Fredrik J
"Sean is a very professional and dedicated instructor , I know him from his health and fitness days in Koh Samui"

Jez P 
"I trained with Sean a while ago but what a fantastic trainer, always pushing you out of your comfort zone would always know if you were not pushing yourself.Even now if I have questions he always answers them. I look forward to training with you again soon definitely one of the best"

Aneta S
"The best spinning class! It's very hard but I'm very happy after"

Suky M
"I have known Sean for years and he is the best fitness instructor I have had, not only does he push you out of your comfort zone he makes you sweat so you actually feel your body has achieved to the best of its ability and on top of that he is fun and great guy to be around always smiling"

Monika J
"I have known Sean for couple of years now . For all this time Sean has proved to be very reliable , determinated , displaying kindness and concern to others instructor . His workouts are always vigorous , tough and most of all FUN . I have full confidence in him and would always recommend to my friends and family . Above 5 ***** "

Joanna O'
"I find Sean to be a brilliant fitness instructor. He is motivating and encouraging and pushes you hard so you see good results and feel brilliant after each class. I would highly recommend Sean for any fitness / wellness needs."

Maryam P
"I have known Sean for years.He is the best spinning instructor I ever met.He is responsible,reliable and funny person.He always help everyone in their fitness inquries and gives the best advise. %100 recomended Sean."